Transferring (HrK)

The ‘Hall of the Raven King’ is a complex piece, with some rather detailed spiral and knotwork designs. Transferring it has been rather difficult.

I elected to transfer it in two parts.

First, I copied out the basic shapes, dusted the back of the paper with white chalk, and copied out the blocks for color. Next, I painted blocks of color for the background areas. Then, using a wax-free graphite transfer paper, I copied the intricate Celtic designs over the blocks of color.

The graphite transfer paper takes detail well, and doesn’t rub off as fast. The detailed designs will take a while to put together, so I wanted something that wouldn’t disappear immediately. This does mean that the lines will have to be covered, one way or another, before the piece is done.

The lines come out light grey, which does blend in a bit with the dark colors. But it also comes out with a bit of reflection, so the lines are shiny. This makes it much easier to see.

So, at this stage, I have some great background in black, white, grey, and shades of green and purple. Over that, I have my spirals and knots in light, shiny lines.

The drawback is that I must have slipped a bit as I transferred the spirals. So now, I have to redraw some of the lines, which in spirals can be a bit tricky. Especially spirals with four arms.



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