Work in progress (HRK) photo

Basic blocking of color is complete. Some graphite lines are still visible, especially around the outside edge of the moon rays, and on the main tower and roof of the hall. The grey of the tower stones in the front and on the first of the three ‘crooked spires’ on the right is a bit too close in tone to the grey behind the waves, so I need to work up some more changes in order to bring out the towers against the waves.

Look closely at the green, 4-armed spirals in the round moon design, and you’ll still see the graphite lines. The design slid while I was transferring it, and I needed to move the spirals up to keep them within the blocked background color. A bit dizzying to do freehand in bright green on purple-grey, especially when the graphite lines were already there and incorrect.


HRK unfinished picture

HRK unfinished picture


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