Three words and a photo (Ps)

As I have been working on the actual sketch of the Pookah, my ideas on what the final picture should look like have gotten more concrete.

A heavy border of spiral work, dense with detail, and shining with intense autumn colors. So one word for this piece will be “intense” and another would be “detailed”.

What other word will I focus on? I’m not necessarily focused on movement, as the Pookah is somewhat frozen in time, and the spirals I’ve chosen are less flowing than some designs. It has the feeling of a snapshot of a second in time. Everything stops moving so I can catch it in a painting. Perhaps “potential” is the word I want, a feeling that everything keeps moving as soon as I’m done. I want a feeling of ’stop’ then, when the painting is done, it can continue.

I also want a feeling much like A. Rackham’s black and white illustrations of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Der Ring des Nibelungen. Detailed, but not necessarily realistic.

So, we’ll go with “potential”, “detailed” and “intense”.

Below is a photo of the final design for the border of spirals for the Pookah.

A Pookah Encountered - border detail

A Pookah Encountered - border detail


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