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Some basic work done

Some basic work done

The color is a lot of fun on this piece. I did the layout onto the watercolor paper just as I did the Pookah, by taping up a tracing of the design to the window near my easel, and taping up a piece of paper over it. This is cold press paper, primarily because my largest sheets are cold press at this point.

The colors are not meant to be ‘realistic’ here. They are meant to be an organized riot of definition, helping to bring the painting to the viewer without too much explanation. I hope to have people recognizing where they are standing without much more backstory than the title. Having the sun be obvious, with pointy, triangular rays and everything, I hope that the continuation of recognizing the moon and Earth will follow.

Liquid watercolors by Dr. Ph Martin are my favorite paints for working up quick, intense and vibrant colors. I add a few other tubes, mostly Winsor and Newton ochres, to get some quick opacity and some ochre granulation, as seen in the red center of the sun. The image of Gaia, inspired by a lovely lady of my acquaintance, is not meant to be realistic. It is a stylized symbol, loosely based on my memory of a beautiful person.



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