Three words (BtS)

So, this one is working up so fast, I haven’t marked my ‘three words’ for it yet.

‘Behind the Sun’ is one of my most color intensive pieces to date. “Color” is a key to this piece. And, as I try to do in all my color pieces, colors move around the piece. Always use a color in more than one space, to keep the elements of the art unified. Violet makes an appearance in the shading of the sun, as well as in the mixing of the cooler purples of the moon. It also is used to shade the browns in Earth.

The brilliant yellow in the sun also appears in the mixing of browns, golds and greens in Earth.

Let’s see…

‘Perspective’ is important in this piece. Not the concept of perspective as an art term, but the concept of looking from a certain point. You are behind the sun, watching Raven and the planets dance.

The framework of ‘Behind the Sun’ is meant to be a series of interlocking puzzle pieces, building blocks of the universe, framing a moment of the planetary dance. Everything is a part of a greater whole. Color, shape, movement and music are parts of the piece. I suppose ‘pieces’ will bring that to mind.

‘Color’ and ‘Perspective’ and ‘Pieces’ of the puzzle. These are words for ‘Behind the Sun’ that should help me focus on the important elements.



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