Derrybawn Project

I was going to do a quick retrospective of the success or failure of the Angelus Project and my targeted goals.

But instead, I’ve started up the new project. Perhaps that speaks for itself. ‘Daughter of Lir’ is still on the drawing board, so she will be finished. I’ll add her to the Angelus Project posts as I work on her.

In 2003, I found one of the most amazing and beautiful places in Ireland. Derrybawn means ‘white oak’ and is the name of the forest around the site of Glendalough, a valley in the Wicklow mountains of Ireland. The valley contains the ruins of churches, beehive huts, mining village huts, iron age ring forts and an array of paths with waterfalls and wildlife.

In 2007, when I quit my full-time day job, I had a plan to obtain a government grant to start a printing press for art prints and small run books. The name I selected for this branch of my art endeavors was ‘Derrybawn Press’. It isn’t moving forward at the moment.

So, for the second half of 2009, my new project will be directed at organizing and building up some capital to put this plan into motion.

First of all, I have begun the work on six designs of Fairies from Celtic lands. These designs will be illustrations of some of the Fey folk. I will be striving to develop these designs as plates for printing. Some I will pull myself, and some I may have printed at a professional printer in black and white, so I may hand color them.

Second, I plan to work on my grant proposal, researching the costs and requirements for my press and the methods of creating a grant proposal.

I plan to work with as many different types of printing as possible, within my ability to do so. Much like the Angelus Project, the Derrybawn Project is a bit more than I think I can handle, but should take me places I haven’t been before.



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