Final Photographs of Artwork

Here you will find some photographs of finished artwork. Some are framed and ready for sale, others are still awaiting a final coat of varnish.

All pieces shown here are covered under copyright law. I am well-versed in this area, and you should be too. Do not download or share any of these images with the intent to defraud me or those who legally purchase my artwork.

Sharing the images with full credit to the artist, with the intent of providing information regarding the artwork for sale is not an infringement of the copyright laws. Sharing the image with or without credit to the artist in order to create derivative art or create copies for distribution, whether for profit or not, is an infringement of copyright law.

Reproducing this artwork for inclusion in another website/blog/etc. is acceptable only so far as it has been reviewed by the artist and permission is received to do so.



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