Fixing mistakes (HrK)

Rookie mistake. Too much glue on the board, and it started to set while I was still spreading it around. So I end up with pebbles of glue, much like rubber cement you rolled up and played with in art class.

How do you fix it? In general, most places that tell you how to do this will tell you to avoid putting down too much glue, as it will set and get uneven and pebbly. But what do you do to fix it once you have already done it?

I find that using more glue, heated up quite a bit, will smooth down the lumpy bits. Also, just a cup of very hot water to dip your brush will have the same effect, but will also lift off some of the glue. Applying heat with the brush, whether with just a bit more hot glue or hot water is the trick.

Remember, that in general you aren’t too worried about a cosmetic issue with the glue, as it will be completely covered with gesso. But large lumps can start to cause lumps in the gesso surface.

For this piece, I am worried about cosmetic issues in parts of the glue surface, as it will be visible in the finished piece.



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