Cats and progress (BtS)

Some detail on Gaia

Some detail on Gaia

Sometimes the cats sneak in when I’m grabbing a cup of tea, or using the bathroom. Here is a small patch of blue, tracked from the blue waves while they were still damp, and carried across the neck of Gaia. My black cat, Hezz, is fascinated by paint. She sniffs and rubs on paintings, drinks the water used for washing brushes, and will fang my paint tubes if I leave them out.

I’m sure that forensics would prove that the small paw print belongs to her and not to the large ginger cat, Shortbread, or the cranky outdoor cat, Mary.

Two paw prints and a scratch were covered up on the Pookah, and a whisker has permanently adhered to the tempera in Birch Interlace.

It shouldn’t be hard to cover this print. Stay tuned.



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