And sometimes things change


Halfway through the Derrybawn project and I’ve come up with a few new wrinkles. I definitely got in a bit too deep with this project, especially considering that all of my summer travel has been included in it, making it difficult to get a good run at anything.

So I’ve reconstructed the project a bit. Prints are still the focus, experimenting with various printmaking techniques. And I’ve kept the fairy theme. Sometimes you have to appeal to your favorite fans. And it continues to be fun.

I’ve done the linoleum block plate for the Boobrie. Very nice. I have a sketch for the Arkay Sonney. Also very nice. Working up a drypoint for that one. I also have a preliminary sketch for Bloddeuwedd which I will continue to refine.

But the other Celtic fairies will probably have to wait for another time. While on vacation I had a hard time focusing on the rich research and symbol laden development of the other fairies I had picked, and I hadn’t made decisions on all of them. However, being on the road, and looking for some light-hearted sketching, I’ve come up with some other, less serious fairies.

I had used some of my photographs of butterflies to develop some fairy art last year, and I had also worked with designs of dragonfly wings. So, in a moment or two of whimsy, I added them to some sketches of horses and when I did some sketching and photography of wild blackberries this year, I had my brambleponies almost draw themselves.

In testing some acrylic plates for drypoint printmaking, I have found that the acrylic does not hold the burr of the stylus and the lines will not have the characteristic softness of drypoint. However, engraving tools do not leave the side burr, so I will experiment with engraving the brambleponies on acrylic.

I also have some excellent new photographs of butterflies from my most recent trip, as well as some studies of herbs and leaves from my garden. Also, inspired by my dip into fairy art, I have included prints of butterflies and flowers in my shop on Etsy. I had been very focused on Celtic art for so long, I hadn’t thought to include my non-Celtic photography in my print sales. It has been a change of view as well as a change of style.

So there have been some things moving along, moving forward, moving moving moving…
My plan for prints to sell at Christmas seems to be a workable thing.

My work to resurrect the Derrybawn printing press is a bit slow off the mark, but it will be a long term thing. At least the studio cleaning thing is progressing.



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