Final notes (Ps)

The Pookah worked up very fast. Watercolor does occasionally impress me with it’s ability to dry before I’m ready. The lines are almost exactly what I would have wanted if I had been more clear with myself at the beginning of the painting. A bit of fussing here and there would not improve anything, I’m sure.

The colors in the background of the central panel are still not quite what I want. I think I wanted them darker. The Pookah himself is a bit leggier than I wanted. And not quite so dark as I was envisioning. But I like it. And it is time to STOP.

The Pookah will require a frame, as will ‘Behind the Sun’ if I get it finished. Therefore, these two pieces have to be done about two weeks ahead of the show on the 13 and 14 of June. ‘Hall of the Raven King’ will not be framed, so I’m saving the last bit of work on it for the two weeks prior to the show.

I’m pleased with the way this one has come out. None of my fiddling with the camera has produced a good reproduction of the reds and oranges, as is par for the course. The depths of watercolors rarely come out in photos anyway, so I hope you get to see it in person. Check the ‘pages’ section for the ‘Final Photographs’ of this and other project pieces.



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